Application Walkthroughs

These pages of the wiki will walk you through several example applications included in the Tudat Bundle. These example make use of several Tudat libraries and show how to use the different elements for your own simulation.


The tutorials on these pages focus on the elements of Tudat that you’ll need from to write your own simulation. The source files for the examples we use can be found in the tudatExampleApplications folder within the tudatBundle. If you have downloaded the Tudat Bundle, the following directory should be on your computer:


where “pathTo” is the directory where you extracted the Tudat Bundle. When browsing the files in this directory you will see, among others, the singleSatellitePropagator.cpp and singlePerturbedSatellitePropagator.cpp files, which we will discuss here among other examples.

Example tutorials

Each example is discussed in detail on a separate page. Note that in the first example, the entire source file is discussed in a step-by-step manner. Subsequent tutorials focus on the aspects that are different, compared to the basic Kepler orbit propagation.