Download using Command-lineΒΆ

This part of the installation guide will allow you to download the Tudat Bundle by means of the command-line. This assumes that you have succesfully installed CMake and git as explained in the Setup Development Environment.

Step 1: Open terminal
See the note below to learn how to open the terminal depending on your OS.

Step 2: Navigate to a desired parent directory and clone:

git clone

Step 3: Enter directory, initiate and fetch submodules:

cd tudatBundle
git submodule update --init --recursive

Step 4: Add your remotes (Optional):

git remote add myaccount
git fetch myaccount
cd tudat
git remote add myaccount
git fetch myaccount
Step 5: Navigate to tudatBundle and prepare build

In terminal, navigate to the bundle using:


Create a new directory using:

mkdir build

Enter the new build directory:

cd build


Depending on your OS, opening the Terminal will require a different set of steps.


Super + T


Win + R

Mac OS X:

Cmd + Space